The idea of the minster and permaculture

11 Apr

Reading on the web today an interesting article about rural ministry. In it the model of the minster is suggested by Reverend Rob Brown in his article “Why the Church needs to return to its pastoral roots: permaculture visions of a rural minster

I think that this is an interesting idea that can be applied to the life of the church, in the idea of a minster that supports the surrounding communities. However along with this I see that there is a need for strong lay leadership in the local to maintain things between visits.



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2 responses to “The idea of the minster and permaculture

  1. Andy

    April 11, 2012 at 21:46

    It does seem interesting, although I think that a root cause of the failure of the British Agricultural industry is the almost negligible cost of the final product rather than anything else. I don’t think that farms are unproductive, only that they are out-competed by overseas farms with a much lower cost of living.

    • James PB

      April 11, 2012 at 22:15

      Have to agree that it is not the core factor, however looking at the permeculture and transitions movement that this work sits within, it is about building up local sustainablity.

      On the productivity factor, it is more that to make a farm economically productive it is necessary to lesses the output production so as to optain ecomic grants – due to not been able to compeat on final cost as you say.


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