Young to be a Minister

13 Apr

While at an event, that was not related to the church, I was asked what I do for a living. When I explained that I was a minister, one person remarked that I was to young to be a minister, because they are all near the age to draw their pensions.

Well this has got me thinking about age in some roles. I avoided going into the ministry till I was in my late twenties so that I could get some life experience. Also along side this there is the whole debate around the missing generation. Being in the grouping that is been looked at, and knowing many others who are, I would say a disproportionate amount of those who are within the church are active in some role. This is interesting as many express the fact that they are called to the role and ministry which they do, so one conclusion is that they would have stayed any way.

Thus this has me thinking about the public perception of the church membership and those who are called to representative ministry. Does a young(er) minister portray a church as being younger, and on the back of this does the minister need to act young?



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5 responses to “Young to be a Minister

  1. diasolifeontheborder

    April 13, 2012 at 23:16

    Well, one simple answer would be that we need ministers of all ages. I’m recruiting-mobilizing for our missions field on the border, and I’m looking for young people to join us. I like the energy and perspective that young people bring. We need each other, just as Paul talks about the different gifts in the body.

    • James PB

      April 13, 2012 at 23:47

      I agree that we do need ministers of all ages, and that we have many gifts within the body. It is more the image of how the body is seen by those outside. That if ministers are “old and tired” that is the image of the body that those outside get, however if the body is active and healthy then it shows a more positive image, and I would say reflects the Gospel message in a better way… and definitely shows the life that Paul and others in the early church called for.

  2. Charlotte R

    April 14, 2012 at 18:51

    I agree that you need a range of ages, both as ministers and as people active in the church generally, in fact a diverse selection of people is always a good idea! The more the merrier! Everyone brings different experiences, views and ways of thinking and if allowed to flourish as well as challenge it can strengthen a church community as well as make things more interesting 🙂


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