what is the role of a minister

26 Apr

Of late I have found it strange how many people have thanked me for things that I have done which I consider to be part of the ministerial role. This seems to come in part people being truly grateful for thing that I organise. However some times it does seem strange to have such thanks for what is my role.

This also raises a second question to me about the role of a minister, each church has a different view of ministry. Within the Methodist church it seems to be very much a shared work, that each person has a ministry, and those who ordained are set aside to specific work. However it is also interesting to see the tension between some of the work that an ordained minister would like to do, and the work that is actually done due to local consternates.

Then there is the difference between sending and calling. That for many nonconformist churches the minister is called by the congregation, while for the Methodist church the ministers are sent by the Conference (which is made up of the body of the church). This leads to the tension between what one is there for and what the local church sees a minister is there for.

These are more questions and we will see what they come to

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