Submitted to the sitting of the synod of Synod Cymru April 20, 2013

02 Jun

{For the original Welsh language text please see here}

And it’s from the old I travel to the new;

keep me traveling along with you.

Having been called to the ministry, I fought against it. But here we come to candidate and I spoke about this at my Testimony Service in St. Paul Centre, Aberystwyth on Thursday the 16 in May. But what is the experience after having been accepted. Here we go through college and get sent to the first appointment in Lampeter.

Here’s a nice experience to be a minister on trial. This period of our call still being tested, to see if we are worthy of the job and go on to ordination. There is required further study, and with this come time to learn and practice with the ministerial work.

But in doing the work of what needed to reflect and consider our work as Chapels, and as Methodist Chapels. Now with this the question raises is what is our future, and what our calling.

We where raise by God as part of the universal Holy Catholic Church, and are seen as part of a wider tradition. And we have been raised to spread Scriptural Holiness.

But how do we do this? The first ask: What sets us apart? What is unique about the Methodists? Do we have something to offer? I must say that we do have something, and that calls on us to look forward. This can be seen which is why we are saying what is called the “Four All’s” :

  • All need to be saved

  • All can be saved

  • All can know they are saved

  • All can be saved completely

Here is a statement of our core belief as a Methodist Church, and we need to ask do we still believe? Can we share this world around us? We are required to offer the Christian faith as we see it, not as a better way than anyone else. But as one way to God. And from this our forefathers and foremothers, raised preaching places when they gathered in large numbers.

It requires stepping out into new things, to discover what these innovations are. How we want to get alongside the modern world. Things have changed around us and call us to find ways to relate to this. The call – and this has been part of the journey as a minister on trial – to try these things. There is a call for us to be transformed, but not this not also part of our calling as Christians? It is possible to use our buildings for this. Allow a parent and toddler group to have a meeting in the space we have. But we also need to see that some of our buildings are not fit for purpose and needs to be transformed.

It requires us to go meet people where they are, and in a manner which is understandable to them. We are almost in place similar to the Celtic saints, with a sizeable part of population understands almost nothing about our faith. The call is scary. But we can move ahead with the grace of God.

If we can look at hymn “Will you come and follow me”, we see here our call, and an invitation to step forward with God, and come to a walk with Christ. In the power of the Spirit.

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