The most missional if not the most signficant

05 Dec

As I get all the bits ready for Christmas, I’ve been thinking about it all. For Christians Easter is the most significant event, however it wouldn’t happen without Christmas. And really, I should be getting ready not just practicality, but also in the expectation of what is to come (this being Advent).

However I have concluded that Christmas is the more missional of the festivals. It is still a significant event in the wider culture, and carols are now being played in the shops – even ones that talk about God! Also people are willing to come to Carol service, and Christingle Service, and so forth. So let us proclaim Christ to those who come, and let us be welcoming. And some may stay, and others will come back in a year.

But can we have a little bit of Advent, so that we can prepare – a good reflections set I found is by Fr Simon.


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Posted by on December 5, 2013 in Ministry, Seen by the outside


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