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How NOT to be a Rector

Rev'd Claire

IMG_3224 I’m not perfect. I often get things wrong. However, I think I have plumbed new depths of What Not To Do as a new Rector….and I offer the resulting lessons to Incumbents, Associate Clergy, Curates, Ordinands and those considering Ordination….that you may not Do As I Have Done.

Do not, on your first day, give the notices, process to the back of the church, and wonder why a choir member is whispering urgently to you. You will have forgotten the Banns. There is nothing wrong with returning to the Vestry to retrieve the Banns book. However, it isn’t ideal if the congregation can hear you doing your best to break into the remarkably solid register cupboard, to which you have a key that so very nearly works when you are calm.

A good Rector will remember to get the Banns book out
before the service and take it with them…

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