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Methodical Reasoning

Some ideas that resonate a little with my views

The Mendip Nomad

The following post first appeared in the Methodist Recorder on 24th April 2014, as part of their “Methodism’s for Me” series. My thanks to them both for commissioning the article in the first place and then reckoning it was good enough to publish.

As a probationer in the Methodist Church going forward for ordination this summer I’ve had to reflect deeply on why I am happy to call myself Methodist. This is especially the case when you consider I grew up in a different tradition to Methodism. I’m what you might call an “accidental Methodist” – I ended up worshipping in a Methodist Church through circumstance rather than deliberate choice. Yet it is in this church that God called me as a presbyter, and so I have spent time working out why it is I’m happy to follow this call in this denomination rather than any other. My answer can…

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The whole Christian country

Before Easter it came out that the Prime Minister said that Britain is a Christian country, then a group wrote to the Telegraph saying it was not.


Now all this sort of makes sense in a political way, but for me I have to agree with the sentiment of the 50 who wrote the letter in response. Not that I agree with their main point, but more that I see that to be a Christian country, that the nation would need to align itself to the core aspects of the Christian Faith, and this would influence all aspects of public life. Which it clearly does not. However I have to agree with both Archbishop Justin Welby and his predecessor Bishop Rowan, that there is an echo of Christianity in the form and shape of the nation, but that this is not the whole of the story. And as Bishop Rowan puts it, people can discover the Christian faith anew, without all the baggage of being an organ of the state, which I see as a positive thing.

Archbishop Justin Welby


rchbishop Justin Welby


rchbishop Justin Welby
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Good Friday reflection

As I think about today, the day that we remember Jesus being placed on the cross, and then the death of Jesus, two things come to mind.

  1. Who was on the Cross. Many people find issue with the idea that “God”, is punishing “his” “son”, by putting him to death on the cross. However for me this misses a key point, that Christians have one God, and that “God the Father” (the first person of the Trinity) is God, and that “God the Son” (the second person of the Trinity) is God. And that they are both equally God, though the Son is God incarnate and is fully divine and fully human. The missing of the point is seen in the ironic work of Sydney Carter, “It was on a Friday morning” where the narrator has missing the point. To listen to it see here, where N. T. Wright does the singing.
  2. Was Christ forsaken as many put over, the words on the cross in Matthew 27:45-46

45 From noon on, darkness came over the whole land until three in the afternoon. 46 And about three o’clock Jesus cried with a loud voice, ‘Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?’ that is, ‘My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?’

are in fact the start of Psalm 22, which is much more positive in emphasis.

So my Good Friday reflection is that this is part of a large work of love, but also that what happens here might be worth a closer look.



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Food banks today

Today the numbers came out about how many are using food banks

Food banks see ‘shocking’ rise in number of users up by 51%, and the Churches voiced their anger at this not at the people needing the food, but that they needed to use food banks.

Along with this the church leaders put out a letter about food poverty issues, that appeared in the Guardian, which also reported on the issue. The letter is part of the End Hunger Fast campaign. And I’m glad to say that my name appears among the many.

A small contribution to raising a voice for those who need it, by those of us who can.

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