The whole Christian country

28 Apr

Before Easter it came out that the Prime Minister said that Britain is a Christian country, then a group wrote to the Telegraph saying it was not.


Now all this sort of makes sense in a political way, but for me I have to agree with the sentiment of the 50 who wrote the letter in response. Not that I agree with their main point, but more that I see that to be a Christian country, that the nation would need to align itself to the core aspects of the Christian Faith, and this would influence all aspects of public life. Which it clearly does not. However I have to agree with both Archbishop Justin Welby and his predecessor Bishop Rowan, that there is an echo of Christianity in the form and shape of the nation, but that this is not the whole of the story. And as Bishop Rowan puts it, people can discover the Christian faith anew, without all the baggage of being an organ of the state, which I see as a positive thing.

Archbishop Justin Welby


rchbishop Justin Welby


rchbishop Justin Welby
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One response to “The whole Christian country

  1. Kobina Otabil

    April 28, 2014 at 23:20

    What really is in the definition- the tradition or the numbers? If it’s the tradition then the PM is right. If it’s the numbers, practice beliefs and values then the PM is wrong.


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