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Ministers in the world

I’ve been thinking about how the world sees those who are set by the church as ministers. And there is no clear view on this, as I’ve said before about the image of a young minister, also how ministers might think the world sees us. However much those who are ministers may think about what they do, and however much the church may have its ideas of ministers and what they are. The truth is that the media has more influence, so here are some TV ministers, and the views on them.

Take 10: TV vicars, priests and ministers

Six to watch: TV priests and vicars

So what do we think, some of these are historical figures, so not so relevant. But what I take from them all, is they are real people trying to do their best, and trying to follow the calling they have, dispute all else that is going on.

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“Faith in Foodbanks”, supproting them in fact a prayer

Well more about Foodbanks, with some resources now to support them, with both facts and prayers, from the folks at the JPIT. As Ruth Gee blogs and the info about it for the Press.

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A poem about the views of the Old Testament as seen in the New Testament.



Among us, with
us, word, illuminated
and illuminating.
Visions of past
and echo’s of future.
Directing us onward
from far behind.
What is to come before
now formed and
seen. Only through
what yet occurs.
Records received
to show and to tell.
with purpose and
clarity. Seen afresh
in the light of
what may and
could be. Pointers
and signs. Prophecy
received, heard, given
written. Shadows cast
behind and before
by all that surrounds
the light of the Word.
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