Church survival bag

06 Aug

A couple of weeks back I shared a post by God Life Church entitled Long Live the church. The original post viewed the decline in church membership like a disaster movie, with a plague spreading, and the need for humans to come together and do something.

Now those who follow such films and genre will know of the survival bag – a bag packed with the things to get through the asteroid stick, zombie apocalypses or what ever. S it got me thinking, what would I put in the Methodist Church is survival bag, the things worth taking with us.

  • The Class Meeting – the small groups that are intended for spiritual development, the deepening of faith and pastoral care. I’d put this in the bag because of all the above things. But also due to the origin of them, that it was a practical origin of collecting the penny to pay back the loan on the New Rooms. The ability to take something very practical and find a way to use it for the work is something important to me.
  • The Priesthood of All Believers – Now first this is not a case that everyone does everything, no it is a case that every one could do anything. The fact that in the church we are all equal, some are called to different tasks, and some do them, in this way it is not that every one does everything, but that they can. Also a key part of this is that access to God is not limited to a special few, but that all can and should interact with God.
  • Connexinalism – The interlinking of congregations and people. We are all working in the local, but people can support each other across the wider world. In this case the mutual support that can be seen here is important.

There are likely other things that would get put in the bag, what would you put in?




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3 responses to “Church survival bag

  1. Kobina Otabil

    August 7, 2014 at 13:04

    Thinking about your “Priesthood of All Believers”. I’ll add to the list- power to hire and fire and the “R” title is not essential. There’s surely someone in town A who could do the job and no need to bring someone from town Z.

    • James PB

      August 8, 2014 at 08:57

      I’d not see hire and fire as a key part, I see things much more about calling and discerning. Also to me the “R” title (guessing you mean Rev) is one given in response to a calling that has been discerned – and doesn’t make one any better or worse, but more is what one does.

      Yes calling of people in the locality is good, but I see the need for some travelling folks who move from place to place (under the joint discernment of them and the wider church) to keep in mind that we are connected, and part of a wider body.

  2. Andy

    February 21, 2015 at 21:51

    Loved the post james and thanks for the mention. Will need to think a while what would be in my survival bag, certainly anything that develops dicipleship and is effective at social challenge and mission for the long hall. Thanks again james


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