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Methodical Reasoning

Some ideas that resonate a little with my views

The Mendip Nomad

The following post first appeared in the Methodist Recorder on 24th April 2014, as part of their “Methodism’s for Me” series. My thanks to them both for commissioning the article in the first place and then reckoning it was good enough to publish.

As a probationer in the Methodist Church going forward for ordination this summer I’ve had to reflect deeply on why I am happy to call myself Methodist. This is especially the case when you consider I grew up in a different tradition to Methodism. I’m what you might call an “accidental Methodist” – I ended up worshipping in a Methodist Church through circumstance rather than deliberate choice. Yet it is in this church that God called me as a presbyter, and so I have spent time working out why it is I’m happy to follow this call in this denomination rather than any other. My answer can…

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To You Who Bring Small Children to Church

Alongside the last post about membership, we look to the next generation. Soon I’ll put my ideas together about all of this as well

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Have to say I like this one…

Anglican Memes

Fans of the Church of England are expected to stay up until Midnight on December 31st to witness the regeneration of Doctor Rowan Williams into the 105th Archbishop of Canterbury.

Eschewing a Christmas Day Special, the C of E opted for a midnight event on the brink of a New Year for the transition between the 104th Prime Lord and his successor. Controversially, the new Prime Lord of the Church of England is not a Doctor and is not expected to have a female Bishop as a travelling companion (at least for his first few series).

It is expected that the Church of England will begin marketing figurines of the new Archbishop early in 2013, together with updated versions of his trademark Sonic Crozier and unique travelling machine the TARDIS (Theological And Reflective Discussions In Synod).

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Hello world!

Is this on? New blog now running


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