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Great Adventure

Great Adventure

It’s a great adventure
where off to save the world
We’ve trained and trained
and through much strained
We’ve come this far
along past many a bar
It’s a great adventure
where off to save the world
Affirmed in our endeavour
for now and forever
With strength that is lent
for it be heaven sent
It’s a great adventure
where off to save the world
Declared by public say
Worthy are they
Upheld in all
comes the response call.
It’s a great adventure
where off to save the world
With the declaration ringing
as around us all are singing
In grace we can but stand
our calling in God’s hand
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Rest easy, you have served a watch

In many churches where I have worshipped and led worship there are generally persons who are in their late 70’s, 80’s or 90’s; and alongside these people there are those who are house bound – due to frailty of age or poor health.

Now something I’ve also found when talking and sharing with many of these folks is that they have been faithful disciples for decades, and have been very active in the life of the church, working towards the Kingdom. However when meeting them now, unless the time is taken to speak to them – or for some have others speak for them – this long service and faithfulness is unknown. I’ve also found that they are often a wealth of knowledge, and though often physically unable to do things, can still guide and support spiritually. Also many of these folks feel guilty for not being able to do more, however does the church need to come to an understanding of how these elders can still share and guide, but that others are able to carry the work. However to keep them involved – I can remember at a youth group having one such person involved, who would come along and sit there, but in doing this would talk with the young people; and offer a listening ear that would not rush away to do other things.

I do wonder as the churches sometimes rush towards a need for youth and children what is being lost.


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