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“Faith in Foodbanks”, supproting them in fact a prayer

Well more about Foodbanks, with some resources now to support them, with both facts and prayers, from the folks at the JPIT. As Ruth Gee blogs and the info about it for the Press.

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Food banks today

Today the numbers came out about how many are using food banks

Food banks see ‘shocking’ rise in number of users up by 51%, and the Churches voiced their anger at this not at the people needing the food, but that they needed to use food banks.

Along with this the church leaders put out a letter about food poverty issues, that appeared in the Guardian, which also reported on the issue. The letter is part of the End Hunger Fast campaign. And I’m glad to say that my name appears among the many.

A small contribution to raising a voice for those who need it, by those of us who can.

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Food Banks

What are foodbanks for?

I’d say that they are a short-term solution for the individual in need. And that being aware of this position – short-term solution for the individual, and the larger problems with the system – the local foodbank here has written into the document that each of the churches who support it sign up to an undertaking to

“To act as they deem necessary to lessen the need for the Food Bank through campaigning for social justice”

The foodbank knows that it is a sticking plaster, but is one that also then turns to the churches and calls them to be the voice for the voiceless. The foodbank also has as a key aim the need to close due to lack of demand for the service it provides.

As to the direct need of those around, I will take Nehemiah 8:9-10 and Matthew 25:34-36 as a guide. But also take the lessons about mammon and witness of the prophets as to unfair measures.

Having spent sometime thinking about this – and hoping to do some more about the topic and get it written so it can be engaged with – I think we need both foodbanks and food coops. The first is there to meet needs in an emergency or crisis (to reach out and feed those who have no food), then the second is there for the long term need for food that people can access.

I think the bigger issue is when the two objectives get mixed up, foodbanks are not there in my understanding for long term support, however they do fill a need. Food coops it seems to me fill the long term need around accessing food, however can not give food in a crisis. Thus the two can be seen to complement each other.

However I also think that the church needs to do some theological thinking around these – not instead of doing, but alongside it. This is to work out why we are doing it, and how to best do it.

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