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End of the year reflection

A little over a year ago, I had the pleasure of listening to Rev’d Ruth Gee give her address as the newly installed President of the Methodist Conference, a few days ago I had the pleasure of hearing her give the pastoral address at the end of her year of office. And again as the opening address did, this one sparked off a poem. The poem for the opening address was “Expectantly waiting to glimpse God’s glory“, so here is the next one.

Do we … in every sense

Do we glimpse God’s glory
do we see God passing
do we notice glory all around
are our eyes closed?
Do we listen for the voice of God
do we hear God passing
do we hear the still small voice
are our ears stoppered?
Do we taste and know that God is good
do we taste God passing
do we only taste the ash
is our tongue scoured?
Do we smell the sweet, sweet fragrance of God
do we smell God passing
do we mask your fragrance
is our nose bunged up?
Do we feel God near
do we feel God passing
do we still know of your touch
is our feeling numbed?
We can see, hear, taste,
smell and feel God
despite all we do you are ever there
and love us in every sense.
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New Blog ideas

Right this is me setting up my blog, in this I have a few ideas, and am planing to use this blog to put some of my ideas together, and engage with others over what I am writing and thinking.

So here is a list of the ideas that I plan to develop:

  • Can different levels of participation in the Mystery be sustained along side each other?
  • Along side this are different levels of participation in the Mystery equally valid expression of faith?
  • Has the “Protestant” drive towards equality pushed more to the margins?
  • Do we need support from a self sustaining core, that then supports wider work? (cf “Celtic Monastic Missions”; “Minsters”; “Town Church & Village Chapel”; “Society & Class”)
  • Does a sense of awe need to be brought back, to develop the idea of Mystery as a metaphor for understanding faith, and recapturing the historical meaning of mystery.
  • Who’s hope, who gives it and who pronounces it? (cf committal prayer and how it works with those who are unchurched)
  • Granting a language to articulate the spiritual and supernatural, where the church lost it’s and “Oc-culture” stepped in

So I plan to develop my thinking around these questions and other. There is an underlying theme of these being theological and in part tied to the role of Christian Faith, as this is where I am coming from, and make a deliberate choice to discus from there. However ideas from others sources are more than welcome.

Also all the views here are mine, and many of the ideas are underdevelopment


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