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Hear the words

One of the things that I find helpful in worship is to listen. Now some may say, yes but that is what we all do. But for me it is a case of listening to readings and other long sections of text, to listen and take in the words. And to not be reading them. Now I know different people engage with information and so forth differently, however I do like listening to readings in church. I find that I will often hear things that I may never of noticed when reading (this even happens during services, that in hearing the words something new to come to light).

However I do wonder if we lose something when everyone has their head in a book as the person up front reads out what they are also reading. I’d also say that I like worship that uses set texts – in fact I raised on it. A Greek Orthodox Priest on this topic spoke of the words being learnt from childhood, that they become part of us and we don’t need to follow them in a book. And to this I say Amen.

Christian say we follow the living Word, so let us have to words dwell in us.

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The bodiless soul
is unrooted.
The soulless body
shall no soar.
The spiritual alone
is without reality.
The material alone
is without the other.
Justiceless mercy
does no satisfy.
Merciless justice
does no satisfy.
Duality can often
be divided to much.
Uniformity can often
not be broad enough.


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Thinking about Connexionality

Within Methodism there is the concept of connectionality, that we are all part of the one (much as Paul speaks of the one body), and that as a church we do things locally, but also together. So here is a reflection on that:



Supporting and sharing
giving from plenty
to where there is scarcity.
Supporting and sharing
going with skills
to where they are needed.
Supporting and sharing
holding and being
where they are.
Supporting and sharing
many places and people
coming together as one.


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All we can

Many years ago one Mr Wesley – some time fellow of Lincoln College – made, or we think he did the following statement:

“Do all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. In all the places you can. At all the times you can. To all the people you can. As long as ever you can.”

and from this what was know as “The Methodist Relief and Development Fund”, became in 2014, “All we can: Methodist Relief and Development“, so here is a reflection upon the work they do:

All we can

Doing things

that need to be done.

Being in places

where there is a need to be.

Thinking of issues

for which there needs to be thought.

Acting in ways

and at the time to act.

For people, places,

means and actions,

all we can.

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End of the year reflection

A little over a year ago, I had the pleasure of listening to Rev’d Ruth Gee give her address as the newly installed President of the Methodist Conference, a few days ago I had the pleasure of hearing her give the pastoral address at the end of her year of office. And again as the opening address did, this one sparked off a poem. The poem for the opening address was “Expectantly waiting to glimpse God’s glory“, so here is the next one.

Do we … in every sense

Do we glimpse God’s glory
do we see God passing
do we notice glory all around
are our eyes closed?
Do we listen for the voice of God
do we hear God passing
do we hear the still small voice
are our ears stoppered?
Do we taste and know that God is good
do we taste God passing
do we only taste the ash
is our tongue scoured?
Do we smell the sweet, sweet fragrance of God
do we smell God passing
do we mask your fragrance
is our nose bunged up?
Do we feel God near
do we feel God passing
do we still know of your touch
is our feeling numbed?
We can see, hear, taste,
smell and feel God
despite all we do you are ever there
and love us in every sense.
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The Conference

The Conference

drawn together.
From all corners
and places.
To confer and
to discuss.
To try and come to
know the will.
To try and hear
the still small voice.
To try and understand
the purpose before us.
To try and see
through the glass darkly.
Coming to a mind
as best we can.
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This is based in part upon Genesis 18 and Luke 1 and a few other bits in the mix.



Laughter as an aside
to shade what’s going on.
In shadows cast by images
held up by others.
Moulds that are confining
and constraining.
That simply try to conform
with others expectations.
For freedom a yearning
to share in joyful song.
Of a future life
there’s much discerning.
Looking through the lens
at the division by others.
All subsumed beneath a
quiet and calm exterior.
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