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The political but not partisan

With all that’s going on at the moment, it is difficult to not just let my own views take over what I say in the pulpit. At times yes I need to give my own views and opinions… however these view need to be rooted in scripture and faith, and when preaching, when I

interpret those sacred stories of our community, so that they speak a word to people today [Ordinations service of the Singapore Methodist Church]

It is my place to let me get in the way of the message, but at times it can be hard. This thinking has been kicked off by others having similar issues, in this case David over at Beloved Spear, and how he is dealing with things in the US.

So now we wait and see, but keep in mind the teaching of Christ and ways of God.

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The bodiless soul
is unrooted.
The soulless body
shall no soar.
The spiritual alone
is without reality.
The material alone
is without the other.
Justiceless mercy
does no satisfy.
Merciless justice
does no satisfy.
Duality can often
be divided to much.
Uniformity can often
not be broad enough.


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Good Friday reflection

As I think about today, the day that we remember Jesus being placed on the cross, and then the death of Jesus, two things come to mind.

  1. Who was on the Cross. Many people find issue with the idea that “God”, is punishing “his” “son”, by putting him to death on the cross. However for me this misses a key point, that Christians have one God, and that “God the Father” (the first person of the Trinity) is God, and that “God the Son” (the second person of the Trinity) is God. And that they are both equally God, though the Son is God incarnate and is fully divine and fully human. The missing of the point is seen in the ironic work of Sydney Carter, “It was on a Friday morning” where the narrator has missing the point. To listen to it see here, where N. T. Wright does the singing.
  2. Was Christ forsaken as many put over, the words on the cross in Matthew 27:45-46

45 From noon on, darkness came over the whole land until three in the afternoon. 46 And about three o’clock Jesus cried with a loud voice, ‘Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?’ that is, ‘My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?’

are in fact the start of Psalm 22, which is much more positive in emphasis.

So my Good Friday reflection is that this is part of a large work of love, but also that what happens here might be worth a closer look.



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A Living History: Recovering The Beauty Of Liturgy

A Living History: Recovering The Beauty Of Liturgy.

An interesting view of things, and one I tend to agree with

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Expectantly waiting to glimpse God’s glory

Expectantly waiting to glimpse God’s glory

Wait with expectation
for what may come
to glimpse God’s glory
as it comes.
To be passed by
and to see the
presence here among us
as it goes ever on.
Is God among us?
Do we see God passing
in the darkness?
Do we glimpse the glory?
In expectation let us
wait to glimpse the glory
it is here with us
if only we can see it.


This poem was written in response to the Presidential address of Rev’d Ruth Gee, the Presidents of Conference for the Methodist Church in Britain, 2013-14.


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Liminal Moments

Liminal Moment

We stand upon a threshold
ready to step over
to face the challenges that come
and all that tomorrow shall hold
To be changed from
glory into glory
entering into a history
and an ever going story
Responding to all
that came to each
of us in many
ways as a call
Joining with near and far
in time and space
the cloud that exists
in God’s grace.
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Great Adventure

Great Adventure

It’s a great adventure
where off to save the world
We’ve trained and trained
and through much strained
We’ve come this far
along past many a bar
It’s a great adventure
where off to save the world
Affirmed in our endeavour
for now and forever
With strength that is lent
for it be heaven sent
It’s a great adventure
where off to save the world
Declared by public say
Worthy are they
Upheld in all
comes the response call.
It’s a great adventure
where off to save the world
With the declaration ringing
as around us all are singing
In grace we can but stand
our calling in God’s hand
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