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Upholding in prayer

A blog that I follow was closed recently, I don’t know any of the details of why. However it was the blog of Anonymous Pastor and recounted the day-to-day reflections of a church pastor.

After reading the entries I would tend to pray for Anonymous Pastor and the congregation, especially those mentioned in dispatches.

Now that this blog has gone, I hold Anonymous Pastor and family in my prayers and the congregation that he serves. And I hope that all is well.


God Bless

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Expectantly waiting to glimpse God’s glory

Expectantly waiting to glimpse God’s glory

Wait with expectation
for what may come
to glimpse God’s glory
as it comes.
To be passed by
and to see the
presence here among us
as it goes ever on.
Is God among us?
Do we see God passing
in the darkness?
Do we glimpse the glory?
In expectation let us
wait to glimpse the glory
it is here with us
if only we can see it.


This poem was written in response to the Presidential address of Rev’d Ruth Gee, the Presidents of Conference for the Methodist Church in Britain, 2013-14.


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