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Some light reading

Of late a couple of the blogs I follow had on them some interesting posts, a set of intercepted missives, that are reminiscent of those penned by Screwtape. The first of these appeared on Restless Pilgrim as The Bogwash Epistles, then a few days later comes The Smudgefutt Letters on Adopting James.

Both of these are in the style of the original work by C. S. Lewis, the well known The Screwtape Letters. However what I have found interesting is reading the reviews of Lewis is work on Good Read, and the number of people who seem to have missed the point of satire. Some complain that it is about demons, others that it is not respectful and even some say blasphemy. Now if Narnia is all one has read of Lewis is work, then this is a change of gear. However do people not read the introductions to books, or engage brains – the complaints made by Screwtape about being ridiculed should point this out a little.

Well for me this has been good bed time reading, and I’m enjoying reading some of the homages to the work, and if any one comes across another please do let me know.

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